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Jan 14, 2007


The way of a director that would turn a popular fantasy novel into a movie is as a darkened kitchen containing an open diswasher.

I hadn't heard anything particularly good about this movie, but I decided to go see it anyway because I enjoyed the book a great deal. Sadly, it wasn't really worth the effort. The movie is incredibly mediocre.

The major problem that I could detect was that the events and the characters' motivations did not link up very well. Events proceeded one after another but there was never a sense of a plot moving forward: nothing seemed connected to anything else. The characters had no personality, the soundtrack was heavy-handed . . . all in all a bad job of telling a good story.


Toiler said...

I saw the movie trailer before I read anything about the story. Unfortunately, I was so disenchanted by the trailer that I lost interest in ever reading the book.

It made the story look like a predictable rehash of a hundred rehashes, which is particularly sad when you consider that trailers almost always feature the most riveting parts of a movie.

Anyway, since you liked the book, maybe I'll give it a try.

Jennifer Snow said...

Heh, just keep in mind that I don't consider "It's been done" to be a valid reason for disliking a book. The theme is far from original but the story was fun.