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Mar 21, 2009

Dayton Tea Party

Advocates of freedom and individual rights across the country have been gathering in public places to protest the activities of the government. Now, plans are in place to hold such an event in Dayton--on Income Tax Day. I plan to attend. If you're in/around Dayton, here's the information for you:

Who: Dayton area Objectivists and freedom-supporters
What: Dayton Tea Party Protest
When: April 15, 2009, 6 to 8 pm
Where: Courthouse Square, corner of 3rd and Main
Why: To express our disgust with the direction this country is taking and show our support for the concepts of individual rights and freedom.
Parking: The best place to park is probably at the Convention Center a few blocks away, although there is also the PMI lot across the street from the Fifth Third building. Expect to pay at least $6 to park, however, and most of the lots only accept cash. There are Wright-Patt Credit Union and Fifth-third ATM's within easy walking distance. If an interested person needs transportation, I can drive provided they'll help pay for parking.
Bring: Protest Signs and an Umbrella (the weather in Dayton being what it is)

Hope to see you there!

Update: I found the Official Site of the tea party organizers--their Facebook page indicates that they have more than 1200 reservations already. If you intend to attend, hit up their site and RSVP, it'll help ensure media coverage of the event if nothing else.

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