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May 21, 2009

That . . . is a Large Number

Okay, so this is a vanity post, but I just noticed that I have over eleven thousand profile views on Objectivism Online. (At least one of the more prolific members has even more than I do--I didn't check everyone).

I'm sure that doesn't seem like a lot to more active netophiles, but I've only made about 3700 posts over there, and I don't look at my own profile very often, either. Somebody sure is interested, that's all I can say.


Realist Theorist said...

The member's list lets one sort by number of profile views, if you're curious.

Jennifer Snow said...

I'm just surprised that so many people wanted to look at my profile, it seems bizarre.

James said...

It's because your comments are usually spot-on and point out different things than most other members. If I had to guess.

In your case, I would consider the views a compliment. People want to know more about someone who has interesting things to say.