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Jul 11, 2011

Here We Go Again

So, after determining that I've sunk about as low as I can go emotionally and physically, I've had enough. First step is to get out of this stupid funk I'm in. So I decided a dietary change and exercise routine were of primary importance to getting my life back on track.

With Adam's (sort of) blessing, I've gone onto a paleo diet again. (He doesn't care what I eat or cook as long as he gets fed something he's willing to eat when he wants it, apparently.) Well, paleo-ish. I've cut grains, sugar, beans completely out of my diet. I've been eating a little fruit (berries) with some cream and a little stevia for sweetening as something dessert-like. The first couple of days were kind of nasty--I could barely keep my eyes open, and if I wasn't constantly engaged I'd find myself dozing off. However, the near-constant heartburn/sour stomach I'd been experiencing for the past few months was just GONE. Completely. Instantly. I'm over the dozies (yay!) and no return of stomach pains/heartburn.

The swelling in my feet has gone down a bit (not completely, but what do you expect?) and my ankles are still a BIT sore, but not too bad. I expect this will gradually improve with consistent diet and exercise.

Today, I decided to start my exercise program with the GoFit kettlebell/dvd I got. It's a 7 lb kettlebell (the smallest they had, and it's lovely girly magenta just to bring home the point). The workout is 25 minutes. I made it through eight. EIGHT. And no way could I do most of the exercises. The reverse lunges were completely beyond me, my ankles just wouldn't bend enough without screaming pain.

So, looks like I have a nice new very specific exercise goal: finish the video! Properly!

By the way, I love this video (even though I couldn't do most of it). The instructor (Jessica Huthmaker) is very relaxed and low-key, no shouting at you, and she says repeatedly "If you're having trouble, do X instead" and "do as many as you can" and "If you need a break, go on and take one" which is precisely the sort of encouragement someone like me needs. I don't really feel bad for not finishing the video (I feel bad for being as out-of-shape as I am), I was certainly soaked in sweat and my heart was pounding, so it wasn't like I did NOTHING. And I want to go back and try it again soon, i.e. Wednesday.

I am going to make it a point to stretch my ankles out REALLY WELL first, though.


Anonymous said...


I strongly recommend you read 'The Perfect Health Diet' by Paul Jaminet and his wife. They have a blog by that name as well. It is the best Paleo book out there. The Jaminet's argue for eating non-toxic carbs like potatoes and white rice. And to me this makes a world of difference. I tried no-starch Paleo (DeVanny and Cordain style) and it did not work for me. But since I started eating the Jaminet's way since February, I have lost 45 pounds and am the leanest I have been in my adult life.

You also might want to experiment with Seth Robert's 'Shangra La' Diet. Its not a diet but a way of creating natural appetite suppression. He suggests drinking 3 tablespoons of olive oil to suppress apatite but I think coconut oil is healthier.

Also a 16-8 hour approach to intermittent fasting might help. That is eat your food within an 8 hour eating window and get a 16 hour daily fast. This is a very powerful way to naturally suppress appetite but you should work up to it. I use this way (and no longer use Seth Robert's oil drinking approach) combined with the Jaminet diet and I am amazed how easy it is for me to stay lean and satieted.

Best of luck.


Jennifer Snow said...

I don't need appetite suppression unless I'm loading carbs, I just don't get hungry. And I normally eat twice a day, lunch around 2pm and then dinner around 7 pm, so I'd fall naturally into that 16 hour fasting thing.

I'm planning to experiment with "non-toxic" carbs in a few weeks once I have a baseline on how I feel without carbs, so I can detect instantly whether I'm tolerating them well or not. So, yeah, I do somewhat know what I'm doing here.