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Sep 4, 2011

That Is . . . Large

So, my mom got me a scale for my birthday (which is next month, but never mind) so I can have some help in my dieting. It arrived today. It is a nice scale. I really like it. Except it appears to be broken, because when I stand on it it says 391 lbs.

Faith and begorrah. That is way more Jennifer than anyone could possibly want.

No WONDER my ankles hurt.

Addendum: Actually, my joke about the scale being "broken" was quasi-accurate. It got stuck somehow and I had to take the batteries out and turn them around and whack them a few times before it would zero. So the actual number is 379 lbs. Wow, I feel SOOOOO much better.

Not. Bleh.


James said...

Good luck with your diet. Unfortunately, as a 5'9, 140lb. male who has trouble keeping weight *on*, I have no further words of encouragement. :)

But I can only imagine what a thorn in your side it must be, and I really do hope your efforts are rewarded.

Jennifer Snow said...

I think less a thorn in my side and more a couple of bags of cement strapped to my ass.

Nancy said...

"Take the batteries out and turn them around and whack them a few times" -- that has to be the EASIEST way to lose 12 pounds that I've ever heard of!