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Jun 5, 2013

Capitalism Problems

Many, many times when I discuss Capitalism with people who are critical of it I will point out some problem or difficulty caused, as always, by a lack of proper Capitalism, and they will respond with some version of the question "but how will Capitalism SOLVE that?"

This is, of course, unanswerable, but the reason WHY it is unanswerable is what makes Capitalism the only proper and moral economic and social system.  Capitalism doesn't solve ills.  It does not prevent ills.  It is not a magic fairytale cure for injustice, hate, failure, injury.  There is no solution to the fact that humans are human, nature is nature, existence exists, we are all fallible and will some day die.  If you even attempt to create a system for the purpose of solving these problems you are engaging in nothing short of a full-out, no-holds-barred deathmatch with reality.  And that is a fight that no one can win.  No one and nothing can solve reality.

What Capitalism does is to free the mechanism of human action to create solutions to specific problems by recognizing that while nothing and no one can solve all problems for all time, each person, when free to think and then to act, can solve some problems for some length of time.  Failure to fix everything is not equivalent to failure to fix anything.

Here's where it gets kind of sad.  Many people comprehend this idea that you can't fix facts and thus it's necessary for individuals to have freedom, and then what do they do?  They try to solve freedom for everybody for all time and engage in precisely the same sort of error.  Then, when they fail miserably at the impossible task they've set for themselves, they conclude that freedom itself is the problem and revert to looking for their magical fairytale fix for reality.  It's mind-boggling.

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