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Apr 18, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

If anyone noticed, I've been essentially absent from blogging for the past two weeks, apart from some half-hearted book reviews. Even worse, my promised fiction offering was delayed!

The problem: self-induced writers' block. Considering that I've read both The Art of Fiction and The Art of Nonfiction before, I should know better than to re-read them right before I plan on beginning a fairly ambitious new fiction project and then decide I need to make some revisions to my writing style. The result was somewhat predictable, and went something like this:

Me: Okay, here's the outline for my story, and I need to make sure that I write with great color and flair and that I dramatize instead of narrate and I hint at events to come and that I stay completely focussed on my theme so that nothing deviates from it. Okay, subconscious, what have you got for me?

My Subconscious: bleh

Me: C'mon, I have to write this story!

My Subconscious: Denied.

Me: Pretty please?

My Subconscious: The number you have dialed is not in service. Please dial again, or press 0 to talk to an operator.

Me: Dammit.

So, essentially, I was completely unable to actually write until I let enough time pass that the specific advice dissipated from my immediate memory. Way to go Jen! Hopefully my readers will come back.


Maarten said...

I gave up on you for good. This is just an automated message that I leave to all the blogs I (no longer) read :p

Toiler said...

Yep, it's hard to assimilate someone else's genius into your own. ;-)

Seriously, I've been in the same place. Then that arch Objectivist virtue, independence, always kicks in.

In fact, I'm beginning to think that independence is the writer's best friend, his most critical virtue (if I can even say such a thing). You're stuck in your own space, doing your own thing with your own mind. I wouldn't have it any other way.