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Apr 14, 2006

The Big Bamboo

In his introduction to Big Trouble Dave Barry credited Tim Dorsey with originating the "crazy people in South Florida" genre. This title is more than appropriate. I'm not a huge fan of Dorsey's work, but his books are so bizarre that it's really hard to stop reading them. They're like potato chips, and about as good for you in the long run.

The Big Bamboo combines, in one freakishly spellbinding whole, The Long Con, the Japanese Mafia, the Redneck Mafia, Hollywood (which is an entire batch of crazy all on its own), kidnapping, a hyperactive serial killer named Serge A. Storms, lots of drugs, and tourist attractions galore.

Dorsey also likes to begin his books near the end of the chronological events, generating an instant "huh?" reaction from me, which he then proceeds to gradually explain over the course of the book. In The Big Bamboo he even spoofs himself through a bit of self-reference during the wrap-up.

I'd have to say that this book was about typical for his work: I think his best one was Orange Crush, but I give this one a solid 3.0 . . . worth reading if you like the genre. Which, admittedly, is somewhat narrow.

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