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Dec 17, 2012

Well THAT Didn't Last Long

I tried the elimination diet, really I did, but I couldn't eat enough chicken and turkey and lamb (all of them fairly lean) to quiet the ravenous hunger I developed.  I tried drinking lots of water, but it was actually making me feel sick to my stomach.  So, last night, I drank about 1400 calories worth of cream.  Did I mention I was hungry?  And then I followed it up with about 800 calories of cheese.  Yeah.

Fortunately, I'm not suffering any ill effects that I can discern, apart from NOT BEING HUNGRY.  That, and I didn't notice any effect on my lingering issues on the days when I stuck with the elimination.  I think my rosacea comes from something other than diet--NOTHING has an effect on it.  I've tried every type of moisturizer under the sun.  Cold showers (actually make it worse).  Lukewarm showers.  Changing detergents.  Changing fabric softeners.  No soap.  Special soap.  Organic soap.  Special organic soap.

When it warms up, maybe I'll try the effects of a (moderate) amount of sunshine.  Or it could be bacterial overgrowth in the intestines (maybe) in which case I'll need prescription antibiotics.  Oh well.

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