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Dec 6, 2005

It's Not the Holidays, it's Just the Blues

Major events in my life seem to happen all at once instead of neatly spaced. I've heard that this is a common problem. By way of demonstration I present this list of things that have happened since my birthday in October:

  • Training seminar, which is a nightmare because I go to the wrong location the first day, get rear-ended the second day, and on the third day:
  • My Grandmother died
  • I flew to Seattle and back
  • I refinanced my existing debts
  • I started a short-lived Mutants and Masterminds game
  • I started a blog, hopefully not short-lived
  • I moved
  • I drove to Chicago (six hours each way, oh what fun)
  • I went through all sorts of testing, interviews, etc. and got a promotion
  • I struggle to get my department ready for me to leave
  • I got invited to interview for another job at a different company
  • I went on a diet (well, still am)
  • I started work on a novel

No wonder I'm stressed out. Bleh. I'm hoping to get away with ignoring the holidays this year because I've got too many other things to work on.

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