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Dec 22, 2005

The Lunar Men

This book about the Lunar Society by Jenny Uglow is a wonderful exposition of the Britain of the 1700's and the marvellous individuals it produced; individuals who broke free of the old traditions and explored the realms of science, politics, art, and industry.

The Lunar Society was a club of friends that met every full moon to discuss their discoveries and develop their theories by discussion and debate. The principal members followed in the book are:

John Whitehurst
Matthew Boulton
Josiah Wedgewood
Erasmus Darwin
Joseph Priestley
William Small
James Keir
James Watt
William Withering
Richard Lovell Edgeworth
Thomas Day
Samuel Galton

Many of these names have significant fame attached to them, like Joseph Priestley, an experimental chemist who corresponded with Lavosier and founded the Unitarian church.

The overall tone of the book is one of reason, industry, efficacy, and delight in all things; well worth reading.

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