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Jul 3, 2007

Blogroll Update

My 'roll has been out of date for a while, but I finally got around to fixing it. I don't read many blogs on a regular basis because I have limited patience/interest with politics and most of the blogs I read are political in nature. This may be in an indication that I need to branch out, but since I'm a conservative reader I don't actively search out new blogs to read. Heck, I haven't even been writing that much for months, so I doubt anyone noticed the blogroll issue anyway.

Anyway, I have added:

Rational Jenn:
I stumbled across Jenn's blog as an indirect result of Diana Hsieh's OList project, but I liked her blog and I like her name so on the 'roll she goes. Her blog is a lot like mine in that she mostly talks about what's going on in her life and her interests instead of politics, but the politics are there.

Edge of Reason:
This is my boss's blog, actually, but he writes some interesting stuff about Objectivism and psychology etc.

Shamus isn't an Objectivist, he's a libertarian, but he's also into gaming in a big way so I like to read his material. He is also publishing a webcomic called DM of the Rings that makes me laugh quite a lot.

I also fixed the link so Acid-Free Paper now leads to Toiler's new blog as opposed to his old blog. It's funny because when I first added him to the 'roll on Literatrix he commented that, yes, it was correct to put the hyphen in there even though there wasn't "officially" one on the title of his site. Well, now there is. So, it's even more correct now.

I've also added two new sections to my 'roll, although I don't have a lot of links in those sections at the moment. This may change, but then again it may not. The major addition there is Schlock Mercenary:, which is a fun space-opera webcomic that I now read daily.

That's all for now.

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Rational Jenn said...

Hey! Thanks for the plug! I like your name, too. There sure a lot of us Jennifers out there. Actually, the reason I'm Jenn with two Ns is my best friend from high school (who incidentally introduced me to The Fountainhead) is also a Jen and she's one N. You know, so people can tell the difference.

But enough about that! I'm very much enjoying your blog as well. Wish I had more time to review books and poetry (I was an English major in college). Maybe I'll get to it one day--that was an original purpose of the blog. At any rate, I look forward to your book and movie reviews when they come out, and would love to read your novel(s) when completed.


Rational Jenn