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Jul 3, 2007

Check Out My New Ride

Whenever I reach a new level of prosperity in my life I always wind up having to make tough decisions about what I want to improve first. I have a list (yes, an actual list) of all the things I want to get. It includes things like an apartment, new furniture, gym membership, new computer . . . it's a long list. However, my shortly after I arrived in New York my car started misbehaving again and I realized that it just wasn't worth maintaining the thing any more.

So, I got a new car.

I've always preferred to own new things. I realize this is probably not very economical of me, but I figure the point of doing all this work is so that I can actually enjoy myself, not so I can bury myself in austerity. Well, let me tell you, I understand now why people get a new car every few years. My Ion is gorgeous.

It has a few features that I could do without, like Onstar, but for the most part I just love it. I like having automatic windows and doors. Granted, I forgot to lock the car a few times the first couple of days because I didn't have pushing the button automatized, but I live in a low-crime area anyway, so no harm done. I love that the car is so quiet and accelerates smoothly, two things my old car did NOT do. I love being able to sit in the driver's seat without having to put the seat all the way back and lean forward slightly to reach the wheel. This is a really uncomfortable position on long drives.

I love cruise control. I wish the idiots around here were better drivers so I could use it more, though. I have an hour-long commute every morning and evening, 90% of it on highway and I very rarely can use my cruise control because I can guarantee that when I try to turn it on some moron will pull out RIGHT IN FRONT of me and force me to slam on the brakes. I wind up looking in my rearview miror thinking: Why'd he pull out in front of me? There's no one behind me for a kilometer but he just HAS to get IN FRONT of ME.

People in New York don't know how to merge, either. Instead of sensibly getting in the correct lane as soon as they can, they ALWAYS drive all the way to the end of the lane and then try to run someone off the road. If you don't slow down for them, they'll just drive right into you, it is pathetic.

The New York drivers are another reason I'm glad I have this new car: now I have AIR BAGS and scratch/dent-resistant side panels.

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