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Jan 21, 2006

A New Addition

While wandering about, I happened upon the relatively new blog Acid-Free Paper, which is surprisingly quite similar to my own blog. Some might imagine that I would be irritated at this, since technically it makes him my competition, but I think that other writers can only be a good thing.

It takes much much longer to write something than it does to read it, and I consider the written word to be much like Pringles: when you eat one, you want to have another one. Good writing only makes you want to see more of it.

This can result on tremendous pressure on a writer to produce, especially if that writer is unusual, good, and original. So, if there's more people around to take up the slack, I can only be better off. They're not taking readers (and potentially, in the future, money) away from me; there's plenty to go around and the demand for more and better writing can never be filled.

So, by way of introduction: Toiler is another up-and-coming Objectivist fiction writer. I was fairly impressed by what I saw there, so I'm adding him to my 'roll. Big round of applause for him, ladies and gents.


Toiler said...

Thanks very much, Jennifer, for the round of applause! I responded with some cheesy boot stomping and yippy-kay-yeahs over at my blog:

Jennifer Snow said...

Indeed, I noticed.