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Jan 1, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

About a month ago I posted my New Year's Resolutions on, so here they are at a more appropriate time:

The Jennifer Makeover (Lose 100 pounds)
  • get up in the mornings to row before work
  • diet
  • diet pills (I take a few of these, far under the recommended dosage, to help me get over severe energy slumps, so far it's working okay)
  • swordmanship club on Sundays
  • lift weights 1-2 times a week
  • In bed every night by 10pm unless the house is on fire
  • do something fun for me every weekend that doesn't involve food

Monetary Investments

  • save up 6 months' of expenses, $4800, and put it in a money-market account
  • keep up 401K contributions (that's pretty easy)
  • Pay off all credit cards (which should only take me a couple months, as I don't have much on them)

Writing Improvement

  • write one blog entry for every day
  • read at least one new book a week, preferably non-fiction
  • write fiction at least once a week


  • learn everything there is to know about being a Processing Technician
  • (iffy because it's not fully under my control) get promoted to Team Leader, or at least do everything within my power to deserve said promotion
  • (also iffy) get promoted to Processing Supervisor, or as above

Educational Improvement

Increase my working knowledge of:

  • Access/SQL
  • web-based publishing (in order to make the switch to a website from the blog)
  • European martial arts

Someone commented that it seems like a lot, but I don't think so. The hardest part is the diet, which is not easy for me. I've already started and lost a few pounds, though, but I need to intensify my efforts if I'm going to get any further.

First step: oatmeal for breakfast.

So, what are your resolutions?

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softwareNerd said...

I've never made New year resolutions, though I have set "themes" for some years. The discussion on got me thinking about it; and, I ended up making a draft list for 2006.

To guard against putting off some goals (in the flurry of day-to-day life) I'm now going through each goal and making a sub-goal for the first quarter. Once I have that, I might even make a Jan-plan :)