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Oct 11, 2013

Free-Market Traffic Enforcement

I just came up with a delightfully nasty way to enforce traffic regulations that wouldn't require any patrol cars, just some people to watch video footage: allow people to install a dash cam with an OnStar-like system that can send the footage to a central processing station.  If you record someone with your dash cam in a traffic violation (running a red light, cutting somebody off, failure to signal, etc.), they get a fine via the mail and you get half when they pay it.

I'm not in favor of "Big Brother" watching, but enabling people to watch each other is often quite beneficial.  And, this would be hilarious.  Heck, I caught someone today for:

a.) talking on cell phone while driving
b.) cutting me off
c.) changing lanes without signalling

All within 3 minutes. Anybody so recklessly incapable should be fined until they have to sell their car and walk.

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