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Mar 30, 2006

The Brothers Grimm

There does exist such a thing as a good (or at least funny) campy movie. Unfortunately, this is not it. It doesn't even approach the same approximate artistic universe as "good".

I think the main problem was that the timing of comic delivery was completely off. Jokes properly have a sort of rythym to them; introduce an element at the wrong time (or incoherently), and the humor falls flat.

The one thing that I found somewhat interesting about the movie was that I thought Matt Damon was Heath Ledger for approximately the first 20 minutes. No kidding. While Matt Damon's acting was depressingly wooden (wasn't this guy in The Bourne Identity?), I thought Heath Ledger did a fairly good job; good enough, at least, that I didn't recognize him. Of course, that could have just been the makeup and the general disorientation caused by the bizarre Italian-French-German juxtaposition going on.



David, The Machine said...

I have enjoyed most of Terry Gilliam’s movies. Would it be worth my while to watch this one?

Jennifer Snow said...

According to the comments I've seen, it's fairly typical of Terry Gilliam's work, so you may enjoy it. My problem was that a lot of the conversation just didn't add up very well, well, that and the ridiculous over-acting wasn't well-done enough to be funny.

I'd suggest giving it a miss, it's an hour and a half you could better spend doing something else.