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Mar 23, 2006

Capital One Customer Service

My dad sent me the following complaint about his Capital One card, and I thought someone might be able to make use of this information if they are considering getting one. In addition, I've been informed by my bank that any balance you keep on a Capital One card shows on your credit report as "over limit", which screws up your credit rating.

Sounds like a good deal all around, hmm?

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is to inform you that I have just cut my Capital One card in half and no longer intend to do business with your company -- ever. I email you because I am NOT calling your organization again -- ever. I am CCing my family and friends, several of whom have Capital One accounts, so that they may be warned of the abysmal customer service you provide to your customers and make decisions accordingly.

Yesterday and today I spent over an hour-and-a-half on the phone with several representatives from your customer service, recoveries, and estate services departments. When the system allowed me to reach a person (about half the time) I was usually put on hold and/or transferred. I was accidentally disconnected twice when I thought I had reached the end of phone-menu purgatory. I was transferred well over a dozen times (I lost track) over the course of several phone calls and I told the same lengthy story to four different individuals in various departments. Twice, the only reason I wasn't transferred and put on hold was because I specifically asked not to be. When I issued this instruction a third time and was transferred anyway, I gave up -- and hung up on you (this felt very good, by the way).

I cut the card right through the middle of "No" and "Hassle". You can call me to verify account closure if you wish: I might allow you to speak to a real person or I might not. Right now, you would definitely get transferred to one of my cats.


David, The Machine said...

I live just down the street from Capital One's corporate headquarters.

Your (general public your) interest payments go to pay for a /nice/ office building.

Mike N said...

I stopped using Capital One about a year ago. They kept charging late fees when the payment was on time. Their rep said it takes two weeks to process payments so I have to make sure I mail it two weeks before the 30 days is up. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Actually they don't put your balance as 'over limit' on your credit report. That is completely false. And it also doesn't take two weeks to process a payment. Two bad anomalies, that's all.

Arn said...

Capital one is to be avoided like a plague. They "repriced" my zero % loan to 9.9% with no warning or explanation. I paid all statements on time and used the Capital one card once per month for the first 5 months per the agreement. Could not reach a live person until in frustration I called the 800 # of the Capital One Bank. Was finally told the only way to reach a live person was to insert the wrong account # 3 times in the automated menu and a live operator would answer. It worked but I learned Capital one is just like their commercials. They always say NO, and are truely Pirates. If you really want to get screwed use Capital One.

Anonymous said...

I just spent an hour on the phone with a person from India that couldnt understand a word I said - Originally simply reporting a lost card - ended up talking to countless representatives.

Capital One ... are you listening? How does this save anybody any time or money when it takes an hour to get anything done at your customer service department? Bye Bye - Im done with you. What's in my wallet? Anything is better than your card!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I read these, it has made my decision simpler. The paperwork that came with my card didn't match my expectations, I have at least four or five phone numbers of people who announce they can't help me, and my e-mail also bounced through several people and back to me. My only question is whether your father's excellent e-mail actually reached anyone. I have put off activating my new card; now I will "activate" it with a pair of scissors, and call the credit bureaus to see if it's left traces!! Thanks for the warnings!

Anonymous said...

I too have cut up my Capital One card. After many years of absolutely zero blemishes on my account, they rocketed my rate to 14.99. Of course I received the previously mentioned customer service run around that lead finally to a manager who said he had no control over reinstating my 9.9 fixed rate. I paid them off and hope this blog will assist others who may be thinking about using their services. Rick in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

I am a former customer of Capital One as well. They gave my information to a 3rd party vendor called "Trilegiant Corp." who fraudulently charged me $50 per year for credit card protection.

Their customer service is awful.

Anonymous said...

All of us have the similar concern about Capital One. The problem with them that they are the one to take the move and that move have no concern to the consumers. For example you will got shock they going to increase their interest rate without my concerns. I will share related issues about Capital One here.