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Mar 11, 2006

Paul Spaeth

An acquaintance of mine from encouraged me to have a look at the work of composer/pianist Paul Spaeth, and I have to say that I'm really impressed. Visit his site and listen to some of the works, they're well worth it. Very sweet, compelling, and uplifting.

I wish I could deliver a more thorough analysis, but there's a huge gap in my understanding where anything about music is concerned. All I can say is, I like Spaeth. His music conjures up images of broad expanses, sunlight and wind; a great space where the world is open to any possibility you might choose to offer it.

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Anonymous said...

It's always nice to see Miss Literatrix popping up on Google. I just found Paul Spaeth myself, and I did a web search. There you were!

His music really is enchanting.

I think I'll give his Cobalt Blue CD a try.