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Mar 12, 2006

Site Traffic

It's sheer vanity to make noise about your site traffic, but then again you have to have a fair amount of vanity simply to start a blog and write every day. I wouldn't do it if I didn't think that someone thought my ideas were interesting enough to read. So, here's my little bit of vanity, via SiteMeter:

-- Site Summary ---

Total ........................ 3,016
Average per Day ............ 54
Average Visit Length ..... 2:40
This Week ..................... 379

Page Views
Total ........................6,508
Average per Day ...........108
Average Per Visit.......... 2.0
This Week......................753

It's nice to see someone is showing an interest! Thank you all very much!


Toiler said...

Of course, with more and more people reading blogs by ATOM feed, you may not know how many more people are actually reading your blog (assuming feeds don't show up in your stats). Anyway, I use Netvibe to follow your blog every day.

Jennifer Snow said...

I don't know that much about ATOM feeds, but I know it shows up when someone uses a service like MyBlogs or some such.

Gus Van Horn said...


You can see what an Atom feed "looks like" by clicking on the "syndication" link on my blog. (How's that for a clever way to collect an extra hit?) Things like Netvibes (which I also use) will display a prettier form of that on a screen, usually with the output of numerous other blogs, so someone can keep track of several at once without having to visit every single one.

Many of these readers will "show up" only if they decide to actually visit your blog in order to leave a comment or get the URL of a post to link to later on. I've read posts at blogs for days like that without visiting.

Blogger allows you to cut your atom feed to the first few hundred chatracters, to make people like me "honest" by forcing a visit when we want to read longer articles.

I've thought of using that myself, out of curiosity as to what my "real" audience size is, but then I recalled why I use Netvibes myself. Why inconvenience the odd "stealth reader", possibly causing him to skip me on a busy day?

I figure that almost all blogs have about the same proportion of stealth readers anyway, making sitemeter stats a decent estimate of relative blog traffic.

Traffic is somewhat like an addictive drug, though. You always want more. One day, you'll wonder if you're doing something wrong if you get "only" 54 hits on a day.


EdMcGon said...

Keep writing Jenn, and we'll keep reading.