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Mar 21, 2006


When I was younger, I couldn't stand to eat oatmeal at all, but over the past year or so I've discovered that I really enjoy it. There's something about a steaming hot bowl early in the morning that gets my brain working again.

The one problem, of course, is that oatmeal doesn't really taste of anything. So, I continue to experiment with new things to eat with my oatmeal to dress it up. So far I've tried:
  • Brown Sugar
  • Honey
  • Raisins
  • Raspberry Preserves
  • Cream
  • Orange Juice Concentrate
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Pecans
  • Maple Syrup

I'm wondering where to go from here, though.


Mike N said...

I used to cut up a banana into thin slices with a butter knife and mix them in with my cereal including oatmeal. Just a suggestion.

David, The Machine said...

Are you talking about the thin-cut flaky oatmeal, or the full-bodied steel-cut oatmeal?

If you have a crock pot, or a dutch oven, you can set up a batch of steel-cut oatmeal cooking overnight for you to wake up to in the morning. Add any dried fruit to the batch you may like, and the result is better than anything named after a pacifistic Christian sect.

Nancy said...

You inspired me to have oatmeal for breakfast this morning -- something I don't do often.

You might try apricot preserves with a pinch of cinnamon or dried apricots with cinnamon (chop the apricots and boil for a minute or two to soften first). Or you could really get adventuress and try chopped fresh fennell or anise seed for a mild licorice flavor (I have not tried this). And have you tried making granola? Oatmeal, but with a nice change of texture.

Jennifer Snow said...

You know, I wasn't expecting this many comments about a post I only wrote because I was too tired to think yesterday.

I happen to like Quaker oatmeal, although I don't like the "instant" variety that turns into slimy mush.

I don't know that I've ever had steel-cut oatmeal. As for granola, I don't think I'm that ambitious a cook.

Bryan G said...

How ‘bout jalapeno oatmeal?
Smokey mesquite oatmeal?
Tuna oatmeal?
Corn beef and cabbage oatmeal? (a St. Paddy’s Day favorite)


softwareNerd said...

You haven't said what brand of oat meal you buy; I'm told there's a difference between brands. I'm not an oat-meal person, but my wife recommends Hodgson Mills Oat Bran and their other products.

Jennifer Snow said...

How about oatmeal sans snide?

Bryan G said...

My apologies if my post gave you the idea I was mocking. I was not trying to be snide, I was trying to be funny.

Toiler said...

Dried cherries! Look for the ones in the bulk section. They look almost identical to dried cranberries, only a little bigger and darker. I think they're actually pie cherries. Can't be beat. Yum-yum!

Jennifer Snow said...

Snide and funny aren't really that different. I don't mind jokes, but I will return the favor.

Felix said...

Try honey and apple-slices. That's my favourite.