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Sep 20, 2013


So, Adam and I are going up to Chicago for the next week.  He has a technology conference thing to attend but I'm pretty much planning to work on my creative projects.  This means that the majority of my packing involves getting things together so that I can work on my projects.

Why projects?  Why not just work on the novel?  Unfortunately I've discovered that there's a pretty strict limit to how much creative work I can do on a single project in a given day, particularly when I'm churning over new ideas.  So I want to have multiple things I can switch between if possible.  So, here's my list:

  • The Novel (Ratbreed)--this one's pretty straightforward.  I just need to bring along my USB stick with my Word files, the notebook I use for my first draft, and a pen.  I'm also taking my Kindle so that I can read some books for research.  Which means I need my charger.
  • The Game System--I FINALLY came up with a name for this the other day.  I'm going to call it "The Waning Lore".  I even created a Facebook page for it although at the present time it contains no information.  Once again all I really need to work on this is my notebook, a pen, and a computer.
  • Hospice--this is the game that I want to run once I get my system to the alpha testing stage.  Or beta.  Whichever.  The stage where it's possible to make characters and run combats.  I'm not too far off from that, actually, considering I've written an entire gaming system basically from scratch in a week before.  Was it balanced?  Hell no.  But it was fun.  Pen, notebook, computer again.
  • The webcomic (Dream of Sagris)--I think I finally have enough of this idea put together in my head that I can start working on it.  I've also decided on an art style that a.) makes me pretty happy and b.) doesn't require insane amounts of work.  I need a stack of drawing paper (I will probably be using regular old printer paper for this--I like the texture), a pencil, and an eraser.  Colorizing will have to wait until I get home, but I think I should be able to get at least a few pages done on the trip.  Then I can start posting it.  I want to get several weeks of updates done before I start posting, though.  I know my own habits and I've also well seen that one of the best ways to get and keep your webcomic going is to be clockwork-regular in posting.  Even people who love your work beyond all reason will start to drift off if you don't update.  I'm not planning on running a perpetual comic--the story I have in mind has a definite end and is self-contained (so kind of like a web-based graphic novel), but I ALSO have another story lined up that I'd like to do.  I'd like to take the story that I started on this blog as "Epic" and turn it into a webcomic as well.  It ties in with my game system and thus with my novel.
So, that means I need: Kindle & charger, pen, pencil, eraser, 2 notebooks, USB stick with files, big stack of drawing paper, drawing BOARD (almost forgot that part, but you can't count on having a good surface when you're on the road) and Adam's laptop which I am totally commandeering.  He has a spare.  Oh, and I should probably bring my iPod and its charger so I can listen to music while I work.

Um, and some clothes and underwear and toilet articles might be useful as well.

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