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Nov 28, 2005

Gus Fuss

One of the three (count 'em!) blogs that I read every day linked to me, so observing proper blog etiquette requires that I also link to him, so here he is, ladies and gentlemen: Gus Van Horn.

Gus is much more of a political blogger than yours truly (not to mention a LOT more prolific) so our two blogs don't overlap much. I was kind of surprised when he linked to me!

Go check it out and tell him I sent you.


Gus Van Horn said...

Hi, Jennifer,

Chalk up my notice of your blog to advertising. While I don't post much over at Objectivism Online, I do stop by from time to time. Since you post quite a bit, and always thoughtfully at that, and because I remembered you having left some comments at my blog, I was naturally curious the last time I stopped by Objectivism Online and noticed that you had a blog.

On blog types, .... Somewhere a long while back, I read some blogger's thoughts on "blogging styles" and one of the three he came up with was something like "journal" or "diary", which is what you seem to have started here. My blog is mainly political, but I follow a few diary type blogs as well, and even write the odd journal-type entry from time to time. It'd be a dull world if politics was all there was to talk about.

In any case, I'm glad I stopped by. Hope you keep blogging and, more importantly, that you keep enjoying it.



Jennifer Snow said...

Well, like it says in my introduction the main point of this is to talk about the merits of what I read, but since that's pretty eclectic it amounts to the same thing as a journal in any case.

Thanks for dropping in!