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Nov 10, 2005

Punching the Pavement

It appears I've found a solution to my roach problem! As with everything else in my life, it is so bizarre that it just begs to be explained.

The simple explanation: my ex-boyfriend suggested I move back in with him. Unfortunately, this explanation somewhat demands that people ask me: "Have you lost your mind?" or, from people that don't know me that well: "So you're getting back together?"

So, the long explanation: my ex and I get along fine together . . . as friends. The romantic relationship thing didn't work out, so we split up. Is it so difficult to imagine a polite and genteel breakup? Since he can use some extra money, he invited me to rent a room in his house. He knows I'm not going to kill him in his sleep or bury the neighbors in the backyard. He also knows I have a steady job so I can afford the rent. I know he's a nice guy and pretty quiet most of the time. At worst, he'll want me to play computer games over the LAN with him.

It's going to be funny explaining to the various people who send me mail that I'm moving again . . . to the address I had just a little while ago.

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