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Nov 7, 2005



My name is Jennifer, although here I will simply be Literatrix, the literate lady.

An aspiring fiction novelist, I have decided to start my own blog in order to write about two things that I've noticed no one else seems to have the time for any more: reading for recreation, and writing for pleasure. My posts will contain my thoughts on what I read from whatever source. I may even post some samples of my fiction for the enjoyment of anyone that might happen to read this blog.

An Objectivist, I will also post my theoretical ideas about philosophy, particularly esthetics as this is the branch that most personally interests me. I do not intend to argue philosophy with anyone, simply to post my ideas. If discussion of Objectivism is your desire, I invite you to visit, a forum about Objectivism, where you will receive satisfaction.

A role-playing gamer, I may also include occasional snippets of gaming-related information. This is freely available for anyone to use, however please respect my intellect by attributing the source if you do so.

Farewell for now, and the best of hopes that you gain some benefit from my writings.


softwareNerd said...

Welcome to the 'blogosphere'.

Jennifer Snow said...

Thanks :)