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Feb 15, 2006

Another New Addition

It sounds sad to say it, but I only recently visited this blog that belongs to a friend of mine, after reading (and largely agreeing with) his posts on Objectivism Online for months!

Well, here he is, the Software Nerd. I think he wonders sometimes whether that's what he really is, though. It's certainly not an all-encompassing description!


softwareNerd said...

:) Hey Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by.

We didn't use the term "nerd" when I was growing up, so I have no referrents; it's a floating abstraction to me (blushes). Anyhow, I just looked it up in the Wiki ( With the right connotation, I think I can "wear it proudly" after all.

Jennifer Snow said...

I think the term is like "democracy"; people use it when they're attempting to unite two ideas that don't necessarily overlap: social outcast status and intellectual prowess.

This is why I wear the term with pride: a society that considers its intellectuals as outcasts is not one that I'd want to be a member of in any case!