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Feb 26, 2006

A Pair of New Additions

While searching around to find a replacement for Myrhaf, I noticed that two blogs were recurring as referrals on my SiteMeter report, so I went and checked them out. After reading a bit, I decided to add both of them to my blogroll, so here they are.

The first one (which is actually last on the list, go figure) is Alexander Mariott's Wit and Wisdom, which I find very enjoyable. It appears that he doesn't post every day, but what he does post is very well-written. Alexander actually showed up and commented on my Thomas Paine post, where I growled at him in a friendly fashion. I have a tendency to do that; I even (mildly) smarted off at Peter Schwartz in a forum before I realized who he was.

Anyway, the second blog, which contains more frequent posts, but shorter ones, is The Simplest Thing. The title comes from a Leonard Peikoff quote that I love; I'll give the full thing here:

"All things excellent," said Spinoza, "are as difficult as they are rare." Since human values are not automatic, his statement is undeniable.

In another respect, however--and this is Ayn Rand's unique perspective--the task ahead is not difficult.

To save the world is the simplest thing in the world.

All one has to do is think.

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