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Feb 9, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Well, I said it this time. What a lovely personality I have.

Part and parcel of my occasional tendency to fly off the handle is my absolute hatred for ever admitting when I have made a mistake. Part of being an adult is that you sometimes have to do things that you hate because you know it's good for you.

It also means that you can't give some ridiculous, grudging, half-assed apology and expect it to fly. So: I confused Ed with someone else! I was soooo rude! I didn't bother to check and make sure that he was who I thought he was! Hence I am sorry for being a twit.

I, however, am not sorry for thinking that two absolutely contradictory ideas can't both be equally valid, true, and worthwhile. Or for thinking that ideas are important enough to have bearing on someone's personal worth. Or for thinking that words (which are labels denoting concepts, after all) have a specific meaning and use.

In any case, I stand by what I said, I just said it to the wrong person, at the wrong time, and for the wrong reason. If you want to debate with me, take it to Objectivism Online.


EdMcGon said...

Jenn, apology accepted. It kind of shocked me when you said it, because you strike me as more open-minded than that.

Am I allowed to come over to your blog and play now?

Jennifer Snow said...

If you like.