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Feb 11, 2006

The Pink Panther

I went to see this movie largely because I remember the old Pink Panther cartoons and movies fondly, but I wound up finding it an absolutely delightful bit of slapstick.

No real attempt was made to turn the movie into anything other than a light and amusing romp; if it had a theme, it was that an honest buffoon is superior to a normal man that is dishonest, which is true. The former still retains his reference to reality and may come around to the truth eventually. There's no hope of that from the latter.

The truly noteworthy thing about this movie, and I say it with great sadness, is that it was devoid of the hideous toilet humor that has been plaguing comedies for sometime. I've been avoiding the genre lest I be bombarded with fecal matter and genetalia.

It is also funny without being truly cruel, although Clouseau does seem to have a bit of a vendetta against bike riders, as several are felled by car doors and a rogue globe. Perhaps it is a subtle message conveying distaste for the French bombardment of Lance Armstrong when he went back to compete in the Tour De France again. Or maybe the prop staff had a lot of bikes on hand. Who could say.

No, The Pink Panther is good, clean fun. Adults may find it a bit predictable, but it's an excellent movie to take your children to for a matinee.


EdMcGon said...

Good philosophical point Jenn. The dishonest man, no matter how intelligent, has rationalized himself into a corner.

Jennifer Snow said...

Say, rather, irrationalized himself into a corner. There's nothing rational about dishonesty. :)