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Feb 1, 2006

State of the Union

Well, since I have some interest in politics I'm going say something about the State of the Union address last night. It won't be much, because I only heard about 30 seconds of it. My friend turned on the television and I heard The George say something along the lines of: . . . medical researchers are evil they kill babies all right-thinking Americans have to stop them because an adult human being is identical to a blob of cells . . .

Aaaand then I had to go lie down. I knew there was a reason I hated television. (Yes, I know that wasn't what he said. Close enough.) It's fairly apparent that The Right thinks now is a great time for a frontal assault on individual liberty, whoops, I mean abortion.

Just when I was looking around for some liberals to glom onto the Democrat Response Team jumped on with an even more depressing and insincere statement about how they plan to fix all my problems by taking all my money and giving it to different people than the ones the Republicans are currently giving it to.

Bleh. Okay, enough about that. This is why I don't blog about politics.



EdMcGon said...

For someone who doesn't pay much attention to politics, you pretty much nailed it.

There is very little difference between the Republicans and Democrats these days.

Jennifer Snow said...

Almost no difference in what they claim to stand for, and even less in what they actually DO.

EdMcGon said...

Sadly true.