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Feb 1, 2006

Shortest Bookstore Trip EVER

I dropped by the local Barnes & Nobles to try and find something to read and I didn't even get through the front door when I encoutered the stand of republished classics, three for $9.99. So I got seven of them. It would have been more traditional to get a number divisible by three, but there were only seven that I actually wanted to read.

My selections: Candide, The Red Badge of Courage (and some short stories), Common Sense, Oliver Twist, The Art of War, Heart of Darkness, Oliver Twist, and Robinson Crusoe. I would have avoided Heart of Darkness except that it was mentioned in King Kong and I haven't read it, so I was curious.

I'll blog about them as I get around to reading them. I have almost finished reading Candide as it is, but it's short.


EdMcGon said...

You know you can find a lot of old stories on the internet? Once a story becomes public domain property, somebody usually posts it somewhere.

Jennifer Snow said...

Yes, but I'd rather pay money and have a book I can cart around with me and read while I'm eating lunch etc.

I get enough eyestrain from staring at a computer all the time in any case.

EdMcGon said...

If you don't want to read on the pc, try printing it off. Still cheaper.

Jennifer Snow said...

I don't own a printer. What an archaic device.